How to enable UB OnLine for your UBL Bank Account?
If you already have a Bank Account with UBL, you can have the facility to access your Bank Account Information from UB onLine.

To get yourself registered with UB onLine, please follow these steps:

  • Download and print UB onLine Registration Form from here or collect it from the nearest UBL Branch.
  • If Acrobat Reader is not installed on your system then Get Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Fill out the Registration form
  • Submit it to UBL Branch in which you have your bank account.
UB onLine staff will contact you with your login information.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Accessing service
  • Configuration and Compatibility
  • Downloading Account Statement
  • Printing and Downloading Forms
  • Setting and Editing Wireless Alerts
  • For more secure E-banking with UB OnLine, Please follow

    • When logging on, make sure that you're not being overlooked - by someone or a closed-circuit television for example.
    • Make sure that the equipment you're using won't fall foul of electronic eavesdropping, recording or other unauthorized access to your log-on details - through terminal servers for example.
    • When you've finished, log off don't just leave the computer connection to time out by itself.
    • Protect your personal data, Never send e-mails with your PIN Code, login, memorable word or other information that could help another person access your account. And if you're accessing UB onLine Banking away from a public terminal. Never leave your account information where somebody else could see it.

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